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No matter the site or the project, it is of the utmost importance to keep your employees safe. This counts for all industries, even though the construction industry most likely comes to mind first.

Whenever your employees are on site, it is imperative that Occupational Health & Safety rules are implemented and followed to the letter. This means that all potential and existing hazards must be identified and removed, and all the proper PPE and other required clothing must be worn at all times.

To ensure compliance with OHS, Aprolasa has compiled a complete list of essential services that include everything from OHS compliance and management system audits to compiling safety files.

We are here to help you keep your employees safe by ensuring that advisory and consultative services are in place and risk assessments done. We can assist you with a fall protecting plan in case of an incident that leads to injury, as well as the requirements for a proper incident and accident investigation.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of Occupational Health & Safety and are proud to promote our range of services that complement OHS namely, medical surveillance as well as general medical examinations.

Our services apply to all business environments. We will assist you in studying illness and injury trends no matter your industry and provide the solutions to mitigate the risks. These include the effective use of PPE and what the responsibility of business owners are when it comes to providing the necessary clothing and equipment.

Furthermore, we also facilitate the implementation of OHS in the workplace by offering SHE representative training, Level 1 First Aid training as well as Level 1 Fire Fighting training.

We are committed to designing and implementing ongoing efficient methods of implementing OHS services at affordable rates for all industries.

Contact us today for a consultation or more information on our services:
Jean Barnard 082 301 3866 / Christiaan du Toit 061 465 6077

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