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If you’re under the impression that some companies are exempt from the Occupational Health and Safety Act, you would be wrong.

All industries in South Africa must be compliant with OHS regulations, and failure to adhere to the OHS Act will lead to fines, the closure of businesses, and even imprisonment.

To ensure a safe and risk-free workplace for your employees, you must comply with all the rules and regulations of the OHS Act. If your company is not compliant yet, follow these steps to avoid fines or having your business closed.

Provide First Aid and Fire And Safety Training

It is important you provide your employees with First Aid, as well as Fire And Safety Training. Accidents happen in even the safest environments, and it’s best to be prepared when they do.

These courses are essential in emergencies because they will allow for pain relief when someone is injured and can even save a person’s life in extreme cases.

Provide Induction Training

Whenever you hire new employees, you should provide induction training to familiarise them with the work environment. New employees should also receive First Aid training at the very least, and help other employees identify hazards in the workplace.

If you own a factory, your workers and managers must have toolbox talks at least once a month. This will promote safety in the workplace and serve as a platform to discuss new OHS laws and regulations.

Enforce The Use Of PPE Where Relevant

If PPE is required in your company, you need to enforce its use. Furthermore, you must ensure that all employees know how to wear PPE, how to maintain it, and how to dispose of it when it reaches the end of its lifespan.

The same goes for company safety policies. All employees must be familiar with safety policies and ongoing training on these policies must be provided. You should also enforce a disciplinary process when employees continuously ignore safety policies.

Hire an OHS Specialist to Help Your Company Become Compliant

Aprolasa WC has been providing OHS services to all industries since 2017. We can help you compile specification documents and contractor OHS plans. Furthermore, we can assist your company with the implementation of OHS programs to ensure compliance.

Our services include onsite OHS training, implementation of emergency management plans, fall protection plans, risk assessments, incident investigations, the compilation of safety files, and OHS audits.

For more information on how Aprolasa WC can help your business become OHS compliant, contact: Jean: 082 301 3866 / Christiaan: 061 465 6077 / Lee-Andrew Luiz: 079 884 4202

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